DA Industries


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Precision tools



DA Industries named Atlantica's leading suppliers in aid and medical products.


New numbers from Atlantic Financial Time shows that DA industries are now the leading supplier for aid and medical products in Atlantica. It is especially the companies hearing aids, dental equiptment, medical assistant prodicts and their new focus on intelligent IT assistant products and service, that is said to have secured the company success.


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Time tools






Pendulum Time Group is DA Industries newest precision division.


With the recent purchase of 120 year old clock, watch and precision time keeping company Pendulum Time Group, DA is branching out to to new areas of precision.


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Movement and culture


DA Industries is proud to be part of the atlantic sports life as a sponsor of :



  • Joshlund BK (football)
  • Joshlund IF (handball)
  • Joshlund Wolves (basketball)
  • Venedal FC (football)