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Everything seen on this page is fully fictional and comes from the mind of me, Bo Pettermann Laugesen, alone. Atlantica and everything and everyone in it comes from years of taking notes, writing biographies, history and drawing plans and buildings.


As early as the age 6 I was drawing up maps and plans of cities and houses. When older (8-10) I developed a archipelago in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, roughly in the shape of the Atlas Isles as it looks today. This country was called Pon and contained cities like Colo City, New Cas, Startown, Bras, Aslonia, London, New Angels, Willage, Jenny, Mounten, Delta City and Atlantic City. Although being a danish kid even at early stages everything was developed in english, danish and some german and french. Much of it came from looking at maps and inventing things myself and ideas and thoughts entered into the foundations of the country in the limited politics I dreamt up for the country.

The first idea was that Pon was a secret land and this was were many famous and infamous people would hide after pretending to disappear or die.This was a place where Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, John Lennon and co. would retire. Growing old many things changed like city names and the history of the country and things grew more mature. Eventually the idea of a giant secret country where celebrities would retired to seemed even to far fetched for me. The history eventually changed and now vikings had discovered the island 1000 years earlier, but had kept it a secret since. The native and original viking population had been joined by other nationalities willing to keep the secret. That was until 1976 when everything was revealed to the world. At this point the country was living 8 years into the future from the actual current time. Which has made me able to date things back to 1995 when I was around 12. From then and onwards history and secrecy was put in the back ground and things like films and architecture and infrastructure pre-occupied my mind. During this time I have developed a large library of ideas for films and an even large library of impressive drawings of cites. These were first drawn on squared A4 paper sheets taped together and later transferred onto large rolls of yellow paper. The difference is clear. The squared paper versions are far more rigid and out of scale with far less details. The freedom of the rolls gave much more opporturnity to develop freely along with my growing consciousness. A city like Cassau went through many phases, from the first lines to today I can at least count 6 earlier editions. But all phases have certain thing almost iin common although at different scales; Ert Holm was the Royal Quarter with the King's castle at the center overlooking the river, Cassau was the old city on the other side of the river next to Norlind the parliament facing onto Ert Holm. Cassau Airport never moved and neither did the affluential France across the river from Ert Holm.

The original drawing of Pon before it became Atlantica

In 1998 I bought my first private PC and with it came a program called CorelDRAW. This became the way for me to draw the cities in vectors after a few attempts in Paint. Still immature and grossly out of scale everything got a make over after a year in the military and then starting in university when scale, art history and details became part of my education. With these developments Atlantica as a country also developed hugely. My political views, religious views, my artistic preferences, my humour, my sense of drama and my humanity was worked into the fine points of the country. It became very much a way to develop my professional skills as well as my thoughts on how the world works and should work. Not only that, it has become my own way into keep learning and to understand the world history. Atlantica has always sat alone in the world but it is eventually managing to position itself into history so events of the world and Atlantica tie together and in ways where Atlantica can even be a part of history.

Today my version of Atlantica exists in the real world in the sense that it relates to people, events, facts and so on as if Atlantica has been part of it and has influenced in small ways. Some events have been rewritten but mostly things have been added such as new historical persons who were important to Atlantica who were also important to world history.


For 25 years Atlantica has developed from a series of vague black outlines on a piece of paper to something very personal and very deep and very large. This is why I will continue to add things here and develop the country on this wiki. It is my way of dealing with things and learning and developing. And it gives me a small part of the world or the web that is mine alone and I can control.

If you venture on to this wiki I hope you do enjoy it for what it is. And if you do... please let me know on