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Cemol Holding sometimes called The Companies of Morten Laugesen is a holding company who is currently the main stockholder of DA Industries. It was founded by Morten Pettermann Laugesen in 2005 as the holding company of technology company Comtek Group, after a merger with consortium Hampton Food, Cemol transferred part of the ownership of Comtek-Hampton to INVEX Holding with Cemol keeping full ownership of the Luxury Brand Molau. In 2007 Comtek-Hampton was divided and sold off by the three holding companies. Cemol maintained full ownership of Molau and part ownership of Comtek Components. In 2007 Cemol Holding purchased DA Industries as joint venture with INVEX. 2011 saw Molau and Acour Group start a close relationship in order to develop products and components together.

Cemol comes from The Companies of Morten Laugesen, C-Mo-L, which is also a play on the chord C-Mol, which is part of their logo.