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DA Industries Group
Logo DA Industries.png
Key People

Net Income

Daniel Axelsen
Joshlund, Holzen
Morten Pettermann CEO
Medical Instruments
Precision Tools
Aid Electronics
Computer Components
Industrial Machinery
38.126 billion Mark
1.185 billion Mark
Cemol Holding Group - 47.1%
INVEX - 37.1 %
DA Charities Fund - 15.8 %
Official website: www.daindustries.at

DA Industries Group is an atlantican manufacturer of medical instruments, precision tools, aid electronics, computer components and industrial machinery.

On 17 January 2004, DA Industries was taken over by a consortium of Morten Pettermann's Cemol Holding and the Pettermann Laugesen-family holding group INVEX Holding. In 2006 computer components manufacturer Comtek Company was merged with DA Industries with intention to focus on intelligent medical and precisions tools.

DA Industries maintain their original headquarters in their former factory in Joshlund overlooking Joshlund Nor and the DA Industries Arena, the latter which is situated on DA Industries's land.


DA Industries was founded in 1938 by Dan Axelsen as Dan Axelsen and Sons, a manufacturer of steel components to agricultural machinery based on design Axelsen had done while studying Joshlund Teknologiske Institut. Originally they were working out of a workshop on the family estate of Hiller Huse outside Joshlund. In 1939 they moved to a city location between Joshlund Gammel Havn and the railroad. In 1945 with atlantic industry's focus on manufacturing war machinery, Axelsen maintained that Atlantica and the world needed agricultural machinery more than weapons, although his sons saw the quick money other steel workshops made producing components to companies like Holzen & Jagel Stålfabrikker and Messer-Thomson. Instead Axelsen sought out Adel Agricultural Machines and closed a deal with them that would take them through the war years. Later Axelsen found out that his oldest son and later CEO, Thomas Hermann-Axelsen had sold components with the DA logo to Messer-Thomson.

In 1953 Axelsen died suddenly and left the company to Thomas, who took the company away from solely agricultural components and focus more on industrial machinery. After his brother Edward Herman-Axelsen, got in contact with a medical instrument designer in Cassau, they did a test run of medical instruments and aid products. Their trials with these new products took many years to manifest but was eventually a succes. By 1970 their medical instruments and technology division had surpassed their industrial machinery division in revenue. This opened up to more technology oriented production and in 1978 they started manufacturing their own semiconductors for their own products.

By the mid 90s Thomas's son, Jacob Herman-Axelsen, became the new CEO. Although he managed to purchse the succesfull Joshua Chemicals and various patent possessing companies, he is credited with allowing DA's Medical Instruments division to lose terrain on the international market where it had been in a front runner. Financial DA was struggling with losses in various departments, although the company was still running with significant profit there was fear the company would not survive as it was not suited for future investments and opportunities.

In 2003 the company was looking to replace Jacob Hermann-Axelsen and find a partner to merge with. Technology and luxury brand expert Morten Pettermann had in the years prior to this sold off many of his companies to competitors to clear out his portfolio and start anew. DA Industries focus on intelligent medical technology and high quality precision tools had attracted him immediatly. In late 2003 both parts agreed to an out right sale to Cemol Holding and INVEX of which Pettermann was both part owner and boardmember. Pettermann brought along with him experience in the technology field and branding. He also brought in his own computer component company Comtek Company as a partner in developing new products. In 2006 DA Industries merged with Comtek to form DA Intelligent Designs, a high performance personal computer manufacturer. Comtek semiconductor division was merged with DA Semiconductors double it's size as DACT.

DA Industries in 2006 started a joint venture with Caixology, DaiCaix, a high end manufacturer of car AV-systems combining DA Intelligent Designs technology with Caixology high quality design and components, including DACT's semiconductors. For the purpose DACT developed a new high performance semiconductor and CPU. These are now used in many of DA's high performance products.

In 2008 DA purchased precision watch makers Pendulum.

Today DA industries is a world leader in Medical Technology and Medical Instruments with a strong reputation for their personal computers and intelligent technology.