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The JJ Garden Group
Logo JJ Garden.png

Key People

Net Income

Jacob Edward Jennings
Hafen, Hafen Bugt
Michael Pettermann Laugesen CEO
Power Tools
Garden Tools
Environmental Services
Property Management
33.836 billion Mark
0.892 billion Mark
CHEVR - 57.8%
INVEX - 38.8 %
Jacob Jennings Fund - 3.4 %
Official website: www.jj-garden.at

The JJ Garden Group, commonly just referred to as JJ Garden, is a russian-atlantic conglomerate, based in Hafen, Atlantica, with factories in Atlantica, Russia, Hungary and China. The company is a leader in power tools, tools and environmental services in Russia and Atlantica, as well as one of the first companies in Atlantica to receive the Frogfisher Certificate, for sustainable and environmental friendly development.

Founded in 1974 as Bol'shoy Rossii Instrumenty (Great Russian Tools) in Saint Petersburg, the company was originally funded by military contractors. In 1991 the company changed it's name to Bolshoy Instruments when it tried to establish itself on the Baltic and new eastern European market as a power tool supplier. In 1988 atlantic business man Jacob Edward Jennings had managed to buy up finnish steel producing company Finno Staal and tool company Bero Työkalut under his JEJ Holdings group. In 1992 he purchased Bolshoy Instruments and re-branded all his companies as JEJ Tools. In 1998 the group merged with atlantic international garden tool manufacture Chisdanii Garden Tools in hopes to create a more environmental friendly company. The merger saw the company refocus on Chisdaniis major markets Atlantica, America and Western Europe. Finno Staal took major steps to secure less impact on the local nature and it's employees. After the death of Jennings in 1999, the board of the holding company decided to sell the company to CHEVR Holdings and INVEX, led by business man and entrepreneur, Michael Pettermann Laugesen. At the take over, JEJ Tools was rebranded as JJ Gardens and environmental services was added through the Pardian Parks Services company, which became JJ Parks.

JJ Parks is world leader in delivering grass surfaces for sports and is involved in developing grass solutions to the 2014 world cup in Brazil and the 2020 World Cup in Qatar. JJ Parks is a major contributor to sustainable urban development and architure through research and funding. Much of the research has been implemented in JJ Parks own buildings, in particular their Five Diamonds building in Cassau. JJ Parks every year also award the Jennings Award to international sustainable projects.

JJ Land is the conglomerate's property management branch, focused mostly on managing commercial estates, parks, sports centres and public institutions. JJ Parks and JJ Lands have joined together to create several education centers for kids, mentally disabled people and youths on rehabilitation, most centers with a direct focus on nature and outdoor life.