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Joshlund is a city on Holsen in Atlantica, and the muncipality town of Joshlund Amt and the Joshlund Kommune. It is located in Holzenland Region and is one of the major cities of the region, as a centre of eduction, finance and one of the largest cities in the region.

Joshlund is wellknown for its educational facilities including Joshlund University and JTI, which are some of the leading institutions in the country. Many renowned writers and scientists have had their education in Joshlund including Johannes Liegaard, Teddy Barnes and Bastian Koppel.

Joshlund has an official city population of 251,683 (2013) and an urban population of 322,458 (2013) making it the 26th largest city in Atlantica.

Joshlund was originally a fort on the confluence of Joshua River and Hammergaard Creek close the outflow of the former, called Ravnsfort (Joshlund). The fort was integrated in the city wall when they were built in 1678. The walls remained the city border until the 1840s when settlement outside the walls was permitted. In 1884 parts of the walls were demolished and the stones used in the new railstation, city hall and university buildings. The name Joshlund dates to the mid 1720s when the name was changed from Ravnsfort, to attract more people.

Today Joshlund is major part of the medical and biotech industry in Atlantica co-hosting the Medivale Network of biotech, medical and medical technology companies in Joshlund, Thomsted and Adamstad. The native company DA Industries is one of the countries largest producers and developers of medical accessories. Yellow Arrow Group is also a large producer of aid products and runs an ambulance service.

Joshlund has had a lot of success in sports, especially in recent years with big sponsorships behind some of the local teams. Joshlund IF's handball team for men is the most succesful team in the city, with 13 medals since 2001, including 3 atlantic championsships, 2 cups and top 3 finishes in the Handball Superleague every year since 2005. The women's team has also seen succes with a couple of top 3 finishes in the early 2000s. Joshlund Wolves won the Atlantic Basketball League in 2002 and had several top 3 finishes over the last couple of decades. Joshlund BK is currently a Third League team. One of the reasons for the recent succes, other than the backing of companies like DA Industries and Yellow Arrow, is Joshlund University's releasing their hold on player licenses of their students from the late 1990s, which has secured a strong stream of young talents joing the clubs. In 2008 Joshlund University added a sports focused line to their educations, creating one of the strongest sports educations in the country.